Synergy keyboard shortcuts on Ubuntu

In a previous post, I wrote about running Synergy on boot in Ubuntu. Synergy also lets you setup keyboard shortcuts for various actions. Below I show how to setup Synergy keyboard shortcuts for switching between computers. Now you can work away without the need to grab the mouse to get from one screen to the next.

  1. Open a terminal and enter
    [code]sudo gedit /etc/synergy.conf[/code]
  2. Add an options section with keystroke lines something like this
    section: options
    keystroke(Alt+1) = switchToScreen(comp1)
    keystroke(Alt+2) = switchToScreen(comp2)
  3. Save the file and exit
  4. Restart Synergy (reboot if you don’t know how to restart otherwise)

You will need to replace “comp1” and “comp2” with your computer names or aliases. These should be listed in the screens section of your synergy.conf. And of course, if you have more than 2 screens, just add more keystroke lines.

You can learn more about Synergy’s options on the Synergy configuration page.

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  1. If anyone is coming here from Google: Newer versions of Synergy let you set this up without editing the conf file directly. On the server, go into “Configure Server”, click the “Hotkeys” tab, and you can do it from there.

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