Starting Jungle Disk on boot in Ubuntu

Jungle Disk is a great tool. If you use it with Ubuntu though, you might have a little trouble getting it to run automatically. It comes as an executable file in gz or deb format for Ubuntu, but there is no clear way to set it up at startup.

Adding it in System > Preferences > Startup Applications doesn’t properly load it into the panel, which confuses it and causes it to constantly pop back up when you try minimize it. This was driving me crazy. What’s more, when shutting down or rebooting, Jungle Disk doesn’t cleanly exit and leaves a few session files laying around. This causes an error about multiple copies running when you try to run it on boot.

Fortunately I was able to work around these quirks. I’m happy to report that Jungle Disk is loading and working as expected now. Here is what I did:

  1. Put the following into a text file:
    if [ -f ~/.junglediskworkgroupinstance ]
    rm ~/.junglediskworkgroupinstance;
    if [ -f ~/.com.jungledisk.workgroupservice.status ]
    rm ~/.com.jungledisk.workgroupservice.status;
    sleep 30;
  2. Make the file executable with “chmod 755 /path/to/file” or something similar.
  3. Add the new command to System > Preferences > Startup Applications.

You might change the sleep period for more or less time as needed. 30 seems to work well for me. And I’m sure there are better ways to handle this. If you have a any recommendations, let me know.